Thursday, January 3, 2019

Vision Board Party - Prep for 2019!

We ENJOYED being 'Thought-Partners' to 20 Ladies attending our Vision Board Collaboration at Thinking Boutique. The event was LOADED with thought provoking questions - to initiate the goal setting process, a take-home  'how-to' packet full of planning sheets and more. We even had giveaways!!

Our Main Vision Focus: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals - getting specific about your vision. Heard of SMART Goals??...

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevant
T - Time

There's an even more specific breakdown in our packet. Attend one of our Vision Collab Meetups. We'll help you think through, map + plan out your goals.


Nakia Roberson: Wellness & Self-Care
Shantania Leggins: Finance & Budgeting
Precious Parks: Grace & Grit
Karon L. Washington: Spirit & Style [TRU Beauty}

NEXT Vision Meetup - FEB 2019! Stay tuned to register...

Talk Soon, Goal Getter!!! ~Karon

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

'RESTORING H O P E': Hurricane Katrina Survivor & Advocate for Rebuilding After Harvey!

Recovery After Loss - Helping Others During 'The Grieving Process'

Hello! Over the next few weeks, months, maybe years, so many will need help in so many ways. Thought I'd share what I consider helpful information for those of us who will be looking to help. Understand loss is loss. The same stages of grief you experience when you loose a loved one is the same stages of grief some will go through as they deal with the losses experienced as a result of this disaster. The first two are usually denial and anger. Please, please be patient as people attempt to process what has just happened in their lives. Below are a few more practical tips as we go out to help others. 
Remember words have power so #LeadWithLove
Here are some very good suggestions for helping a friend/neighbor whose home has flooded...
πŸ”ΈRemember they are going to feel uncomfortable being in such a position of need. It has nothing to do with pride. It's painful to go from being self sufficient one day to suddenly not having a pair of shoes with no car to go and buy some new ones and in some cases no resources. At this stage, try to see a need and fill it without asking "what can I do?" 
πŸ”ΉFlooded mamas are exhausted and overwhelmed and it's hard to answer that question. At this juncture they may not even know.
If you are going to help a friend clean out their homes, here are a few items that are helpful to bring. 

Cleaning/packing Supplies:
Masks- ventilator
Paper towel
Disposable gloves
lysol/clorox wipes
Cardboard boxes
Packing tape
Hand sanitizer
Mosquito repellent
Water bottles
Fresh fruit and veggies washed and cut up (many have been eating highly processed food out of bags for days)
Ideas for questions to ask:
1. Does everyone in your family have shoes? If not, can I go pick some up? What size?
2. Do you have anyone coming to help you cut out walls? If not, can I call a few water mitigation companies to get quotes for you?
3. Do you have any laundry I can wash?
4. I have some clothes my kids have out grown, what sizes would be helpful?
5. Can I help arrange playdates for your kids?
6. Do you have any medications you would like me to call about getting replaced?
7. I'm making a trip to HEB today, please tell me 3 things I can pickup for you
8. Can I pack a school lunch for your child this week?
9. Is there anywhere I could give you a ride to?
10. I'd like to take you to pickup your rental car. Please call me when it's available.
11. Please call me when you are ready for a ride home after you drop off your rental car.

Check in with your friend a week or two later. There is a lot of help at the beginning. After a few weeks life goes back to normal for most, but flooded families are still trying to find a new normal and may be moving into apartments or juggling car research before a big purchase, etc.

#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take 2 'NOTHING'

...presented by: KaronCouture.

I am Karen Outlaw, Owner of SixtyFourFifty where our motto is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way to style!” I’m also a mother of three fun kiddos, a transitioning minimalist, Christ follower, live music lover, food enthusiast and I'm a KC Collaborator!"

 Do you remember the movie “The Neverending Story?” You know the one with the Luck Dragon (that big dog thingy), the horse that sunk in quick sand, the boy reading the book in the school attic about the land of Fantasia. (Ok, I may be showing my age a bit, this movie was made in 1984 and I actually remember seeing it for the first time in the auditorium and Wadsworth Elementary in Chicago when I was in first grade.)

At the young age of 6, I did not realize what a great and powerful message this movie delivered. You see, the land of Fantasia was a fantasy land being threatened by “The NOTHING.” The NOTHING was actually a DARKNESS that destroyed EVERYTHING it touched. (Man, I could just stop right there!) Ok, really how can nothing (NO THING) destroy EVERYTHING? So I looked up the definition of NOTHING (as I always do when I’m going my deep, introspective thinking) and these are the meanings I found:

NOTHING as a pronoun – Not anything, No single thing
(So, NOT ANYTHING took over the land of Fantansia? NOT A SINGLE THING was able to destroy everything?)

NOTHING as an adjective – Having no prospect of progress, of no value (So, the darkness that “has no prospect of progress or value (or will not prosper πŸ˜) destroyed everything it touched? How can darkness even touch something? Darkness is not tangible, it is literally NO-THING!)

So in my endeavors to overcome my fears, fulfill my purpose and live the abundant life God has for me, I asked myself the following questions…

What am I allowing nothing to destroy?
What darkness have I allowed to touch me? 
What darkness is keeping me from moving forward?
What about all of those times that I was scared of the dark and turned on the light and found that there was nothing to fear after all?

And here are my answers…

For with God NOTHING shall be impossible...Luke 1:37

EVEN THE DARKNESS WILL NOT BE DARK TO YOU; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you...Psalms 139:12

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, THE LORD WILL BE MY LIGHT...Micah 7:8


#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take 2 'NOTHING'

...presented by: KaronCouture.

TRU Intro:
Hi! My name is Bridget Banks-Amos, a Mortgage professional, advocate Model, and KC Collaborator! My hometown is Port Arthur, TX, the great Golden Triangle! I am a woman of faith, fashion, and family; and also a small business owner and visionary of iModelBehavior. Our mission is to strive for empowerment of women and children. As an Advocate Model, encourage the blessings of beauty, style, grace, and fashion with others industry professionals.


I'll be transparent and TRU! These last years have been extremely busy with tragedy, trials, and problems on every side, which put me in a dark place of depression, fear, anger, and defeated at times. "WHAT is happening, God". Yeap, I'm "perfectly imperfect". My marriage and our family was falling apart at the seams, and my rock & dad was diagnosed with cancer. πŸ’” During this time, I truly felt like the enemy, satan was winning BIG TIME and there were many days/nights of praying, crying and praying again. Yeah, it was truly hard times BUT God... Later after all the tears, fears, and pain; the Reality was 'This' wasn't the order of God but He trusted me with it ALL so NOTHING to FEAR, accepted process, the reigning peace, and trusting that He will do what He said "I will not leave you.." according to Deuteronomy 31:6/ Hebrews 13:5

This season of my life is purely NOTHING more than "if God is for US (my family and I) than who can be against us.." Romans 8:31 I WILL continue to PICK MYSELF UP each day with that in spirit, soul, and mind including walking in the deliverances from the opinions of others and merely trusting in who the Lord says 'good or bad' about my situation or others. "Every good and perfect gift is from God." James 1:17 Living His Word is the GREATEST THING we can do for ourself and not allowing situations to mess us up. Sometimes we miss it BUT grace allows us to start again with death of one's self and whatever matters to us only. I'm currently performing a funeral services for myself each dayπŸ˜€; killing things that doesn't matter in my life or the kingdom. NOTHING will stop my successful marriage, our blended family, and speak healing of my father-my daddy, ministry and purpose of Bridget's life. I will be about my Father's business.. NOTHING can be taken away from what God has set up for His people. Just call it a new FREEDOM in Christ.#staywoke With a faith-based Life and trusting all that my God says I AM. I'm not going to be a slave to FEAR and just cast ALL things/others to Him because I know who I AM. "I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good ...the gift of God. I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and NOTHING taken from it. God does it so that people will fear him." Ecc 3:12‭

#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take 2 'NOTHING'

...presented by KaronCouture.

Inspired by: Movie - The Neverending Story's 'The Nothing'

Que Pasa Mi Gente! My name is Ana Martinez-Wade aka Natural DominicAna! I am a native of the beautiful island the Dominican Republic, raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am 37 years old, a wife and mother to healthy children. To most, I am known as a jack of all trades but my true passion is being a positive role model to those around me. I am the founder of D.i.v.a.s in the Making Foundation, a KC Collaborator, and a Full Figured Advocate Model. In wearing all of these hats my mission is to help young-ladies and women alike learn and understand that we are LOVED because we are “...Fearfully & Wonderfully Made…”


My TRUstory in facing & overcoming a ‘NOTHING’ in my life is not a typical one...between the ages of 5-6 I was sexually molested by a supposed family friend. I not knowing any better did not think or say anything about it for a long time. I was about 15 years old when that person showed up in my life once again and without hesitation, I told him to back off. Which to me was a strong move but as time progressed...I became more introverted and started making decisions that later impacted my life tremendously.
I felt worthless and useless. The only way to make myself feel any better was to be numb to the pain and fill the void with men that I thought loved/cared for me. I became a single-mother at 17, again at 19, had an abortion at 22 got pregnant again at 23...then got married and for almost 10 years of my marriage, it was literally HELL on Earth...I felt that NOONE understood my pain or anger that I felt...the people that I believed were supposed to be my support system were hardly there. I stopped attending church, talking to my mom, going to school and even talking to my friends.
By the time I was 23...I had contemplated suicide many times even after I got married I still saw myself as a NoBody, a NOTHING! I began to attend church every Wednesday night, Sunday morning, every function & revival possible but I would walk into church angry and bitter and leave out the same way. I started questioning if God even existed...did he really care about me?...I mean look at everything I had been through thus far….I must really be NOTHING!

I struggled with this for over 7 years. BUT one day in 2013 I was introduced to a group of God fearing women who had similar stories as I did...they shared with me their testimony and helped me learn and accept that I was SomeBody and SomeThing that God saw fit to sacrifice HIS one and only son Jesus for. I had to share my story and make it a testimony and help others with similar pasts overcome this feeling of NOTHING in their lives. Because God does not make mistakes and in Romans 8:15 we are not slaves to fear, we belong to Christ– that’s our identity. We are heirs to the Throne and we are loved! Ever since then I have faced some trials and tribulations but my joy and security rests at the feet of Christ because HE created ME and I am far from being NOTHING! I am “...fearfully and wonderfully made...Psalm 139-14!!!

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PhotoCredit: ThirdEyeMedia aka Louis Kubiak
MUA & Styling: Me aka Ana Wade
KC Collaborator Squad & Motivators: Karon L. Washington Karen Outlaw Bridget Amos Brandi Luna Wilson Mary St Andrew-Johnson
My Support System Squad: Hilroy Wade Aida Elena Gonzalez-Manzoor Khalik Amari Martinez Rachel Leal Hardy Martinez Gonzalez Aniqua Thatsit Jamie Smith Lorenzo Ewing Kandice Ewing Trixton Morehead Martha Vanessa Morehead
My Reedemer: Jesus my Lord & Savior!!!

#NoMoreFear Campaign: Take 2 'NOTHING'

 ...presented by KaronCouture. 

TRU Intro:
Hi! My name is Mary Johnson, today I'm just 1 week away from turning 40!!! Im a fashion blogger, a traveler and foodie blogger, an office manager for a great Company called Vantage Hospice, A motivational speaker, which encourages young ladies to dress, speak and carry themselves#ladylike. I'm a social butterfly, a mother, a friend, a lover of all people, a role model and a KC Collaborator! With all of that, I'm starting a small business called LadyLike. I'm a country girl at heart from a small town just outside of Beaumont, Texas called Sour Lake (only about 500 population).

As a kid we lived poor "physically". But mentally, my 4 sisters and I thought that we had it all. It we the Love we had for one another that made everything GREAT. But, I quickly realized that I didn't like the life we had. My mom was always ill, which had us constantly living with family members. It instilled so much anger in me that I was always fighting and so disrespectful. I was truly a "bad" girl, which led me becoming pregnant at the age of 18. Although, I was not a "good" girl, I was extremely smart (Thank God). I graduated with honors and #21 in my class. I became a different me after Jonte' was born. Life changed (good and really bad). When you think life can't get any worse, it did for me. I went from pregnancy to loving a man who was abusive to his own son, then to a marriage that fell apart after 6 years to a 7 year long extremely abusive relationship this all made me feel like "NOTHING". I felt I had nothing. I began feeling sorry for myself and fearing loneliness. Sounds crazy that a social butterfly could fear being alone. But I was very alone inside. I began questioning God and asking what have I done to deserve so much hurt. I felt I gave so much of me to so many people. Not just romantic relationships, but to many others that needed a place to stay, financial help or even a friend. I had to realize that I was still also angry about my childhood, marriage and all the hurt and pain I endured from everyone who has ever said they loved me. So how can God trust me with something when I'm still holding on to hurt and anger???
Fast forward to NOW: I'm here in Richmond, TX living through hurricane Harvey!! With 2 neighborhoods being mandatory evacuated around me, water rising, stuck in my home for the 2 1/2 days, and making the best decisions for me and 2 of my children's safety.

TRU Overcoming:
It was very hard to share my life with others. I didn't want people to judge me and ask questions of why or how I endured the things I had... Today I stand on faith and the Love of God, my children and my better half! "NOTHING" is a mindset just like brokenness. We cause the fear in or lives which most of the time ends up being nothing. My Motto now is, Just Do It. If it's for you it will happen if not, you tried. How will we ever know if we don't try. This is what I had to learn in my new relationships. I couldn't compare my friends and my significant other to the others painful relationships I had. I trusted God. When I did, I began to "let go". The things I went through were holding me hostage. He placed an awesome man in my life purposely. In turn, I have been encouraged to speak about my "NOTHING" and my Fears. I pray that speaking about it will encourage others that have been through similar situations who think that no one understands "why" or "How" that they are not alone!! You have a choice to choose happiness and 1 day almost 4 years ago thats exactly what I did. Everyday I thank God for another opportunity to change my yesterday even when I feel yesterday was GREAT!!! I a become a better me each day!! I'm Imperfect but perfect in so many of others eyes! Now as I lay in my bed while it's still storming outside my window. I do not fear the "NOTHING" that's going on out there. I have lights, shelter, food, and faith. I Shall fear no evil!! I am blessed to have overcame the "NOTHINGS" in my love and I pray you all do the same. Praying for all of

Scriptures that get me through:

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me? Psalms 118:6

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalms 56:3
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take ll 'NOTHING'

My full name is Brandi Amadonna Wilson - age 29 / Bi-Lingual Educator & Multi-Business Owner. My hometown is Houston, TX and my brand is Confidence CoStyle! Our mission is to inspire self love, diversity and individuality thru face, fashion and faith.  As an Advocate Model, I encourage a wholistic approach to self expression and being the unique light we are all created to be "Co-Style" and I am a KC Collaborator!

In life we transition through many seasons. Some are good, some are bad but all are connected to our overall purpose. A few years ago in a season of my own, I faced a 'NOTHING' fear when I was presented with an opportunity to start my very own business. During my college years I had many opportunities to work for others in the roles of customer service, admin assist, retail sales and even management. At the time, I was content with that. I learned many skills and most of the work was easy, I had a safety net. The safety net of not having to worry too much about the "how".  As long as I showed up and did what was asked of me, I was okay. Then I came into a new season of realization where in my gut it just wasn't enough. After working so many years for everyone else, I'd reached a place of emptiness and what felt like stagnation. It's not that I was unhappy doing my job, No, I loved my job! But have you ever just felt something's missing? Soon I found myself asking God the question, "is this it?" I knew He had to have much more in store for me but I had no clue of how to tap into it. It was around this time that the opportunity to have my own business came about. Trying something new and different can be scary for most of us but if I didn't try what would happen?...Nothing.

"The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23)...and there is NOTHING I shall fear."
My confidence and ability to overcome this NOTHING that could have held me back all started with a single decision, a choice. When fear of staying the same becomes greater than your fear of change, naturally you will change! Drawing closer to Gods word and positioning myself in networks of people who were able to inspire me in the direction I so deeply desired to go. I am forever grateful that I said Yes to starting my first business in 2012 as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant because it has taught me so much. More than just great culture and products, I've gained interpersonal and business savvy-ness from my affiliation; which acted as a spring board to further belief in myself and release the confidence that was inside of me all along. That one yes helped me to realize that I have my own set of valuable and marketable skills that can bless others. By Faith and with Grit, I developed the confidence to take on more opportunities, to start additional businesses of my own, Fearlessly! 

One of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson and says, "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
We must be accountable for each other! Allowing that NOTHING fear to get in the way of my one decision could have cost not only me but all those now connected to me to miss out on my unique Light, countless blessings and positive experiences had!  Today, in addition to my Mary Kay business, I have my own Spanish-English tutoring service (Hablar Con Amigos) as well as my new brand/lifestyle blog, Confidence CoStyle! I'm grateful for every part of my journey and I encourage you to never allow the NOTHINGs in your story to stop you from reaching you best self!

My Motto: Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You!