Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#NoMoreFear Campaign: Take 2 'NOTHING'

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TRU Intro:
Hi! My name is Mary Johnson, today I'm just 1 week away from turning 40!!! Im a fashion blogger, a traveler and foodie blogger, an office manager for a great Company called Vantage Hospice, A motivational speaker, which encourages young ladies to dress, speak and carry themselves#ladylike. I'm a social butterfly, a mother, a friend, a lover of all people, a role model and a KC Collaborator! With all of that, I'm starting a small business called LadyLike. I'm a country girl at heart from a small town just outside of Beaumont, Texas called Sour Lake (only about 500 population).

As a kid we lived poor "physically". But mentally, my 4 sisters and I thought that we had it all. It we the Love we had for one another that made everything GREAT. But, I quickly realized that I didn't like the life we had. My mom was always ill, which had us constantly living with family members. It instilled so much anger in me that I was always fighting and so disrespectful. I was truly a "bad" girl, which led me becoming pregnant at the age of 18. Although, I was not a "good" girl, I was extremely smart (Thank God). I graduated with honors and #21 in my class. I became a different me after Jonte' was born. Life changed (good and really bad). When you think life can't get any worse, it did for me. I went from pregnancy to loving a man who was abusive to his own son, then to a marriage that fell apart after 6 years to a 7 year long extremely abusive relationship this all made me feel like "NOTHING". I felt I had nothing. I began feeling sorry for myself and fearing loneliness. Sounds crazy that a social butterfly could fear being alone. But I was very alone inside. I began questioning God and asking what have I done to deserve so much hurt. I felt I gave so much of me to so many people. Not just romantic relationships, but to many others that needed a place to stay, financial help or even a friend. I had to realize that I was still also angry about my childhood, marriage and all the hurt and pain I endured from everyone who has ever said they loved me. So how can God trust me with something when I'm still holding on to hurt and anger???
Fast forward to NOW: I'm here in Richmond, TX living through hurricane Harvey!! With 2 neighborhoods being mandatory evacuated around me, water rising, stuck in my home for the 2 1/2 days, and making the best decisions for me and 2 of my children's safety.

TRU Overcoming:
It was very hard to share my life with others. I didn't want people to judge me and ask questions of why or how I endured the things I had... Today I stand on faith and the Love of God, my children and my better half! "NOTHING" is a mindset just like brokenness. We cause the fear in or lives which most of the time ends up being nothing. My Motto now is, Just Do It. If it's for you it will happen if not, you tried. How will we ever know if we don't try. This is what I had to learn in my new relationships. I couldn't compare my friends and my significant other to the others painful relationships I had. I trusted God. When I did, I began to "let go". The things I went through were holding me hostage. He placed an awesome man in my life purposely. In turn, I have been encouraged to speak about my "NOTHING" and my Fears. I pray that speaking about it will encourage others that have been through similar situations who think that no one understands "why" or "How" that they are not alone!! You have a choice to choose happiness and 1 day almost 4 years ago thats exactly what I did. Everyday I thank God for another opportunity to change my yesterday even when I feel yesterday was GREAT!!! I a become a better me each day!! I'm Imperfect but perfect in so many of others eyes! Now as I lay in my bed while it's still storming outside my window. I do not fear the "NOTHING" that's going on out there. I have lights, shelter, food, and faith. I Shall fear no evil!! I am blessed to have overcame the "NOTHINGS" in my love and I pray you all do the same. Praying for all of

Scriptures that get me through:

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me? Psalms 118:6

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalms 56:3
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