Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take ll 'NOTHING'

My full name is Brandi Amadonna Wilson - age 29 / Bi-Lingual Educator & Multi-Business Owner. My hometown is Houston, TX and my brand is Confidence CoStyle! Our mission is to inspire self love, diversity and individuality thru face, fashion and faith.  As an Advocate Model, I encourage a wholistic approach to self expression and being the unique light we are all created to be "Co-Style" and I am a KC Collaborator!

In life we transition through many seasons. Some are good, some are bad but all are connected to our overall purpose. A few years ago in a season of my own, I faced a 'NOTHING' fear when I was presented with an opportunity to start my very own business. During my college years I had many opportunities to work for others in the roles of customer service, admin assist, retail sales and even management. At the time, I was content with that. I learned many skills and most of the work was easy, I had a safety net. The safety net of not having to worry too much about the "how".  As long as I showed up and did what was asked of me, I was okay. Then I came into a new season of realization where in my gut it just wasn't enough. After working so many years for everyone else, I'd reached a place of emptiness and what felt like stagnation. It's not that I was unhappy doing my job, No, I loved my job! But have you ever just felt something's missing? Soon I found myself asking God the question, "is this it?" I knew He had to have much more in store for me but I had no clue of how to tap into it. It was around this time that the opportunity to have my own business came about. Trying something new and different can be scary for most of us but if I didn't try what would happen?...Nothing.

"The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23)...and there is NOTHING I shall fear."
My confidence and ability to overcome this NOTHING that could have held me back all started with a single decision, a choice. When fear of staying the same becomes greater than your fear of change, naturally you will change! Drawing closer to Gods word and positioning myself in networks of people who were able to inspire me in the direction I so deeply desired to go. I am forever grateful that I said Yes to starting my first business in 2012 as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant because it has taught me so much. More than just great culture and products, I've gained interpersonal and business savvy-ness from my affiliation; which acted as a spring board to further belief in myself and release the confidence that was inside of me all along. That one yes helped me to realize that I have my own set of valuable and marketable skills that can bless others. By Faith and with Grit, I developed the confidence to take on more opportunities, to start additional businesses of my own, Fearlessly! 

One of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson and says, "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
We must be accountable for each other! Allowing that NOTHING fear to get in the way of my one decision could have cost not only me but all those now connected to me to miss out on my unique Light, countless blessings and positive experiences had!  Today, in addition to my Mary Kay business, I have my own Spanish-English tutoring service (Hablar Con Amigos) as well as my new brand/lifestyle blog, Confidence CoStyle! I'm grateful for every part of my journey and I encourage you to never allow the NOTHINGs in your story to stop you from reaching you best self!

My Motto: Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You!

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