Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#NoMoreFear Campaign - Take 2 'NOTHING'

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 Do you remember the movie “The Neverending Story?” You know the one with the Luck Dragon (that big dog thingy), the horse that sunk in quick sand, the boy reading the book in the school attic about the land of Fantasia. (Ok, I may be showing my age a bit, this movie was made in 1984 and I actually remember seeing it for the first time in the auditorium and Wadsworth Elementary in Chicago when I was in first grade.)

At the young age of 6, I did not realize what a great and powerful message this movie delivered. You see, the land of Fantasia was a fantasy land being threatened by “The NOTHING.” The NOTHING was actually a DARKNESS that destroyed EVERYTHING it touched. (Man, I could just stop right there!) Ok, really how can nothing (NO THING) destroy EVERYTHING? So I looked up the definition of NOTHING (as I always do when I’m going my deep, introspective thinking) and these are the meanings I found:

NOTHING as a pronoun – Not anything, No single thing
(So, NOT ANYTHING took over the land of Fantansia? NOT A SINGLE THING was able to destroy everything?)

NOTHING as an adjective – Having no prospect of progress, of no value (So, the darkness that “has no prospect of progress or value (or will not prosper 😁) destroyed everything it touched? How can darkness even touch something? Darkness is not tangible, it is literally NO-THING!)

So in my endeavors to overcome my fears, fulfill my purpose and live the abundant life God has for me, I asked myself the following questions…

What am I allowing nothing to destroy?
What darkness have I allowed to touch me? 
What darkness is keeping me from moving forward?
What about all of those times that I was scared of the dark and turned on the light and found that there was nothing to fear after all?

And here are my answers…

For with God NOTHING shall be impossible...Luke 1:37

EVEN THE DARKNESS WILL NOT BE DARK TO YOU; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you...Psalms 139:12

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, THE LORD WILL BE MY LIGHT...Micah 7:8


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